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Full Time School

    Aims & Ethos

    Aims & Ethos

    The Sylvia Young Theatre School seeks to create a happy working environment where students can enjoy learning, staff can enjoy teaching and students can achieve their potential academically, vocationally, socially, morally and creatively.


    • To provide a broad, balanced and challenging academic and vocational curriculum with high standards of achievement

    • To develop and support the talents of those who wish to have a performance career as well as encouraging students to consider other careers within the media or to follow an academic pathway.

    • To ensure students have a grounded approach to any current and future professional work or opportunities

    • To develop confidence

    • To inspire creativity

    • To develop communication skills

    • To both encourage debate and the ability to question, and to develop an open and enquiring mind in an atmosphere of mutual respect and appreciation

    • To fully realise students’ academic, vocational and personal achievements by focusing on individual potentia

    • To ensure regular and effective assessment of progress in both vocastional and academic subjects

    • To provide high quality teaching and learning in academic subjects and to offer our students the best possible vocational training from experienced teachers and working professionals in a disciplined but encouraging atmosphere

    • To provide the high standard of academic education and qualifications necessary as a basis for ‘A’ level study and beyond should students choose to pursue an academic route prior to, or instead of, a performance or media career

    • To provide curricular and extracurricular opportunities for students to develop as individuals and as a community

    • To develop and strengthen partnerships with parents

    • To manage the development of the school to ensure the highest standards are achieved in all areas

    • To strive continually to improve.


    In partnership with parents, the Sylvia Young Theatre School aims to provide opportunities for its students that enable them to play an active and positive role as members of the school and the wider community.  Students have access to and experience of the curriculum regardless of race, class, gender or religious belief. The school promotes a sense of self-esteem, responsibility and tolerance. It values and challenges the individual so that they may achieve their highest levels of attainment.

    The Sylvia Young Theatre School places great emphasis on high academic standards and on excellence in the performing arts.  Our aim is to develop the whole person as well as providing a unique opportunity for students with potential in the performing arts to train and to perfect their skills.  Expectations are high.

    The Sylvia Young Theatre School provides a supportive atmosphere based on self-discipline, mutual respect, cooperation and understanding.  Students are encouraged to take responsibility both for their own learning and the environment in which they live.